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The only thing that I want you to know is....

12 November

A Quote

i'm in slytherin!

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User Number: 2485066
Date Created:12/03/2004
Number of Posts: 171

The right hand of the almighty hobbit, Pippin. Who is far mightier than his friend Merry :P. Always ready for an argument, or to just talk. But arguing is so much more fun don't you think? You all know me from so many places. Yahoo, SGF, hell some of you even know me in real life. It's you I pity.
Strengths: Friendly, but sometimes bites. *waves her Pippin plushie proudly* Pippin is my strength. Well that and the fact that i can kick your arse Silat style.
Weaknesses: Chocolate.... lasagne.... Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Pippin, and anything alcoholic.
Special Skills: All of my special skills are secret. Yes.... secret.... *waggles eyebrows*
Weapons: The Riding Crop of Dooooom! Doom I tell you!
Friends. : _colormepretty, carneeki, countessa_rose, esanis_rofesor, godlike_doglike, hacked2death, hate_priest, jerkbox, khan_orion, lachjaw, life_recorded, marielovesroses, mugrug, pureplacebo, ravenxheart, sebaticle, silvericemaiden, sniperbob, speedwayjunky, thevampirejewel

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